A Divided Mind.

Read: James 1:1-8

In the song¬†Oceans by Hillsong there is a line that says “Spirit lead where my trust is without borders, let me walk 687a0817802e078d1b5780b0cc3ae59fupon the waters, wherever you would call me” . I love this song because I feel it is the deepest beat of my heart. To follow Jesus into the unknown, not for the adventure or the glory but for him. To meet him. To know him. To be with him.

Yet there are times like the last few weeks where instead of walking on the water with my eyes fixed on him I have been sinking in the waves being tossed back and forth. My trust has been challenged and has wavered and James 1:4 has described me.

“…A Person who has doubts is like a wave blown by the wind and tossed by the sea.”

I think there are a few things to point out from these first verses in James. First, the book of James was written to God’s faithful people (v. 1). I don’t believe James was writing to unbelievers or immature believers, he was writing to those faithful to God and then in verses 2-3 that is affirmed because the first thing he chooses to encourage them in is there testing. Hard things were happening in their lives, they were being molded and shaped.

Then in verse 5 he addresses where this issue of lack of trust, or doubt, was stemming from. They needed wisdom to know what to do, don’t we all? James encourages us to ask God the one who is generous with wisdom. He wants to to show us what to do. Here is how we overcome doubt – we not only ask him but we trust that when we ask, he gives and that when we ask he is faithful to accomplish his will in our lives. We trust he is working.

I think this is the picture and I have seen it in my own life too many times. I am unsure of what God has for me. I am unsure of the path I am supposed to take, so I ask God and like his word says, he gives direction. So I follow his lead, one step at a time. But somewhere along the way things aren’t going like I imagined and they aren’t happening as fast or in the way I think, they are hard, so I begin to doubt. I begin to question. And James paints a perfect picture. In verse 8 he says that when we do that, our mind is divided and we can’t decide on anything. We are rendered useless.

If you are like me and your heartbeat is to be where Jesus is and your desire is to be taken to the place where you trust him fully but you see doubt coming in and tossing you back and forth emotionally and dividing your mind and stopping your decisions I have one more encouragement for you. The same God who gives wisdom, gives faith. Pray and ask him to help your unbelief. Ask him to help you trust him fully. Ask him to settle your mind. Will you pray for me this week as I pray for you?


1. What doubts have been dividing your mind? Will you confess them to Jesus and ask him to settle you in his wisdom and trust that he is working to carry it out in your life?

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