Hey Friend!

W E L C O M E to my little space on the interwebs! It is truly so wonderful to have you here.

If I am going to be truthful, and I plan to be so I hope you are ok with that, I have struggled much of my life to be OK with the story that has been mine. Whether it is how I show up in the world (strong willed, loud-voiced, passionate, opinionated), the experiences that I have had that are so different from everyone else’s or the ones that are too safe and secure that I swing from the pendulum of “not enough” and “too much”.

How does one cope with the continuous questioning of one’s self and story? Obviously by speaking in the third person. 😉 In all seriousness, I tried to adapt, to blend in, to be whatever and whoever the person in that moment wanted me to be. Bad idea, right?

All of that trying and striving to be someone I am really not left me exhausted, isolated and without a voice. So I said, enough is enough and have been on a journey of owning my story.

I want to invite you on this journey with me. No matter what your experiences, no matter where your life has taken you. Even if the most exciting thing you do today is cheer for the 3 year old who pooped on the potty- you are valuable and your story matters. You have things that only you can offer to this world. And I want to be the cheer leader in your ear saying – you got this! Go be you! Your community and your spaces need the you that you are. Go get em tiger!

Chances are – we are probably more alike then we are different. I hold laundry and a broom in one hand, bribe my girls with fruit snacks all while attempting to own my story of using my big loud voice and passionate personality to engage people in the fight against human trafficking.

It has been a painful road to get here and I wish I had had more friends who understood. So as you walk your own road, can I be your friend? In my experience – we get by with a little help from our friend…right?

Thanks for being here friend, I can’t wait to get to know you.



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