A note from Steph

Hey Friend,

Let’s be honest. Most days I aim for thrive and land in survive. With four little girls at home I navigate big feelings for a living and most of them are my own. The social media life the past few years has me exhausted so I have chosen to live a life Unfiltered. What does that mean?

For me it means that even though authenticity and vulnerability don’t come easy to me I am going to embrace them anyway  and hope that someone else will raise their hand and say “me too” so that I know I am not alone.

Along with that I  unabashedly speak some major worth over myself and hopefully you too. Because comparison is the thief of worth I am calling it out.

Finally human trafficking has broken my heart. So I often shine a light on our cultures carelessness for humans lived out in the abundance of social justice issues as well as the small (but big, because small things are big) things that you and I can do to make a difference.

Who am I? I am a passionate, deep feeling, deep thinking, big loving, huge dreaming daughter of the Creator, Most High God. My life has (thankfully) been redeemed by Jesus Christ and because of that I am purpose filled, an aroma of Him to a world that needs some anchoring.

What do I do? Currently, along with refereeing emotions, driving to and from school, dancing to The Greatest Showman and snuggling on the couch I am the Executive Director of Stories Foundation (Click it to learn more, go on!). Also, because beautiful things along with creating jobs gives me immense pleasure, I am an Ambassador for Noonday Collection.

I hope you stick around and come back. Through my writing I hope to reach a hand through the screen to hold yours and say, “hey, we got this.”. Most of all, I hope you engage with me. This over connected world is the most isolated one any generation has lived in yet and we need each other. Yes, I need you. 

Thanks for being here!

With all my heart,


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