All Called, Uniquely Commissioned

I have been accused of acting out of passion my whole life. Words that have described me are loud and excited. I feel everything strongly, thankfulness, sadness, joy, anticipation, worry. Every feeling feels like something is about to burst within me. Most of my life the feelings have been good feelings. I really am a glass half full kinda girl. Always seeing potential and adventure in life, struggling to understand when others didn’t.

I have found that often my strong feelings are misunderstood and I hate to be misunderstood. Because of this I have determined to craft the art of communication and consider myself an excellent communicator (ask my husband). Yet  I am human and I live in a world of humans, a world that has become run not by face to face communication but finger to finger. We have become reduced to what is shown on social media.

Social media is not a fair representation of anyone. And for someone who aches for authenticity I have found myself posting less and less and feeling more and more. In the space of silence the posts I do share have become about the work I do because running a non profit that operates a Food Truck, among other things, means you cannot leave social media behind.

I feel strong feelings about human trafficking and social injustice just as I feel strong feelings about everything. And I do struggle when others don’t seem to care about the injustices that people are facing. When I see a problem, like human trafficking, I also see a million ways that we can all be a a part of solving that problem. I see hope and opportunity and seemingly small things each of us can begin to incorporate into our lives that will make big impact.

However, these strong feelings don’t mean that don’t care about you.

Just as I feel deeply for the marginalized, the poor, the trafficked, the widow, the orphan, the seemingly forgotten, the abused I also feel deeply for you. The single mom, the tired mom, the foster parents and the adoptive family. The working dad, the teacher, the student, the cancer survivor and the person going to chemotherapy today. The single women, or man, you struggling financially or emotionally or physically.  My heart breaks for the heartaches every day, the million that are stated and the million that aren’t. Your pain, you matter. You are important. You are valuable.

I advocate for justice fighters to rise because I believe that when we look outside ourselves and allow ourselves to be a part of God’s work we get to know him more. We get to go deeper into his plan for us and when we leave our places of comfort we meet Jesus in the sweetest way as we love those he has asked us to love with the love he gives.

I have been known to say that I believe that every person has a role to play in fighting injustice and I do believe that. We are all called to  (VERSE) but here is the truth that so many ignore or allow guilt and feelings of overwhelm to drown out. We are all called but each of us are uniquely commissioned.

The way that you are commissioned to live out justice is most likely going to look differently than the way I am commissioned to do it. Simply because we are two very different people with different skills, gifts, and abilities.

Here is my challenge to you out of my very passionate heart. Do not downplay the way that you are fighting injustice. And do not use the lie that you can’t do anything because  of (insert your excuse here) allow you to stay paralyzed when it comes to fighting for what is Just in your sphere of influence. Neither of these things are fair to you, to me or to those who you have been given to touch with the light and hope of Jesus Christ.

This is what standing against injustice is, you and me allowing the Holy Spirit in us to come out in the unique way God has purposed and stepping into someone else’s life. Not as a savior or someone who has it all together but as a person who is authentically imperfect but knows the truly perfect God.

You could look at someone like me who has been commissioned to start a non profit, run a food truck, speak and write and advocate and think, if that is what justice is ; I can’t do it. OR you can join me in your own unique way and together we can be our authentic imperfect selves – Called and Uniquely commissioned making an impact , empowered by the Perfect God.

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