Be Still by Lisa Chan – A Review and Giveaway.

This is a review and giveaway post for Lisa Chan’s new short film, Be Still. Below is a short description from her press release. Read to the end to learn how you can win a free copy of Be Still.  

“Lisa Chan believes that in our quest to do it all, women are missing God. In the first film of her new series, True Beauty: Finding Your Identity in Jesus (David C Cook/Flannel, September 2012), Chan focuses on what it means to Be Still. Be Still addresses the issues that confront women when they forget to spend time with Jesus—something that, like most women, Chan struggled with herself.” www.karencampbellmedia.com

A few Sunday’s ago at church we sang “Our God” by Chris Tomlin. I have always loved the bridge of that song and in case you aren’t familiar with it, it goes like this.

“And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?
And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?
And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?
And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?
What could stand against?”

Often while singing this part I have been known to want to shout “No One!” As I have felt a need to not leave questions like that unanswered.

With God on our side we can do all things, nothing can stop us. These truths are the foundation of my life’s decisions. I have clung to my God being the God of the impossible and the Overcomer of the improbable.

This last time I sang that bridge with the congregation I asked God, “What can be against us? Who can stop us?” And this time instead of the familiar, joyful “No One!” a different answer echoed in the recesses of my mind and heart. The answer was, ourselves. 

Yes, my God is for me. Yes he is the God of the impossible. Yes he wants to work in amazing ways in my life and yours but in order to see God in the fullness of his character we have to operate this little thing called Faith. And Faith has to be coupled with it’s close sister, Trust. And Faith and Trust don’t come without the intimate personal process of knowing God and spending time in his presence. 

I was recently asked to watch and review a short film by Lisa Chan, the wife of Pastor Francis Chan. One morning I set the computer up in the kitchen and turned on my copy while finishing a load in the dishwasher. By the end of the movie I was in tears because of the truth Lisa speaks in Be Still. 

The truth that the God of the universe is accessible to you and to me and yet we choose to be busy often talking about him rather than talking to him. Would we rather listen to others opinions of him instead of sitting in his presence and hearing his thoughts for ourselves? What are we missing out on because we do not take the time to simply be still in the presence of our Almighty, Personal, Loving God? 

Are we getting in our own way?

As someone who has recently found herself in the world of women’s ministry, planning conferences, leading Bible studies and speaking to various groups of women I recommend this video by Lisa Chan to women of all ages. She shares a valuable message about how we do have a great God. A God who is for us, not against us. A God who is with us, ready and waiting to work on our behalf. A God who in his presence can be all that we need and more than we can imagine. A God who enables us to do all that as women we are purposed to do in this life.

Are you longing for a moment of peace? Are you aching to not be the one that get’s in the way of God’s power working in your life? Do you want to share the message of being still before our Savior with the women around you? Check out the video below and order your copy of Be Still today. Show it at a dinner with your girlfriends. Use it as an intro for your next women’s brunch. Share the link on Facebook or look below to see how you can win your own copy. Let’s spread the message of an accessible God who is waiting for his daughters in the stillness.

How to Enter in the Giveaway to win a copy of Lisa Chan’s Be Still

1. Leave a comment sharing a time that God spoke to you in the stillness.

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8 thoughts on “Be Still by Lisa Chan – A Review and Giveaway.”

  1. Great blog…this is what Pastor John talked about yesterday in church…remembering to quit being so busy and hang out with God….thanks for sharing Stephy!

  2. God speaks to us so often, and sometimes I just feel that we are not always opening to listening. God speaks to me most clearly on days like today when is it rainy and quiet outside. I sit in my favorite chair and watch the rain come down. I can almost hear God telling me his plans for me and feel his calming presence.

    1. Jillian! I agree completely. When I take the time to sit with my Savior that is when I receive peace, focus and direction. He is so faithful to speak and give us all we need if we will only take the time to be still and listen. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I love this video. I so agree with what she said. We are missing God in the midst of being so busy. Sometimes it takes a while to get our brains to be quiet enough to get really still before God. Too many times I’ve taken the posture of being still but my mind is still races with the things I need to do that day. But when I take that time to quiet those things and really be still God always speaks such peace to me. He says “be still” much the way I tell my daughter to be still in my lap, so I can hold her and love on her and draw her near. He is doing the same thing for me. That is how he speaks to me when I am finally still. Great book find Steph!

  4. Be still and KNOW that I am Lord.

    It is in stillness before our creator, when we allow nothing else to enter His throne room, we will KNOW Him even greater. When we are quiet we can hear Him best. Sometimes He brings things into our lives; trials, that take our very breath away and all we can do is be still before Him and listen. He is so good!!!

  5. Oh my! A moment when God spoke in my stillness. It was the moment He wanted me to go from KNOWING that I was loved by Him to actually FEELING loved by Him. Feelings are fickle. I know that. BUT … He revealed to me in that moment that I have NEVER truly FELT loved by God. I knew He loved me because I know His Word. Yet … because of the walls of worthlessness that had been erected since I was 5 years old, I could not FEEL His love. And just as my children need to FEEL loved by me; even though they don’t FEEL it 100% of the time, i.e. when I’m saying “no” or disciplining them 😉 God wants me to FEEL loved by Him. The time of my stillness brought about the greatest healing of my life as He revealed to me WHY I couldn’t feel loved by Him. Once those walls of worthlessness were torn down, the foundation of His love was able to be laid (Eph 3:17). Praise HIS HOLY NAME! 😉

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