The past couple months I have been learning so much about living by faith. I have been studying, reading, and trying to search God’s word about what it means to believe God, but I realize that I have barely scratched the surface. As I sit here trying to write a blog about faith, I keep hearing myself saying, “you have no idea what you are talking about…” It’s true. I am no expert on living a life of faith. I don’t have anything new and profound to share with you today. I am not a super-christian, and I often get things wrong.

BUT, here is what I do knowDownloadedFile

God is HUGE. The same God that parted the Red Sea and knocked down the walls of Jericho keeps whispering to my heart, believe me. Believe me for more than your mind can even imagine, because this is where my work begins. Beyond your imagination is where I start.

You see, one of our biggest obstacles to having faith is our own mind. We believe what we see. We understand what we can comprehend. Without realizing it, we put a box around God in our lives. The result is that the world sees Christians living stagnant, faith-less lives filled with things like depression, divorce, and defeat.

Oh, God’s whisper is getting louder. He wants you to know that HE IS ABLE. His power has no limit. Nothing can hold Him back. He is supreme. He is almighty, and He is on our side! He simply wants us to believe Him, to put our faith in Him. In Ephesians, God promises us that His power is for us who believe him. This verse excites me like no other…read it a few times.

 “I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him. This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms.” ~Ephesians 1:19-20

There are so many unknowns in this life, but one thing I KNOW is that God is faithful. His promises are true. Absolute. Never failing. Does this encourage you today? God is speaking to you, are you listening? He says, ___________ believe me. I want to shake your world, to move your mountains, and to blow your imagination. But you need to have faith. You need to trust Me. 

It starts with today. Ask God to grow your faith, and believe that He will.

3 thoughts on “Bigger”

  1. Afternoon, Steph! As the weeks wear on, and I continue to find myself unemployed (and with teenage children who have physical, and “school supply” needs of their own), I find myself battling bouts of discouragement and frustration. Questioning why the ONE opportunity which was supposed to have worked out, already – has not! In light of these sentiments, your timely new “blog” brings some patience, and some encouragement to my heart, and my spirit! PLEASE keep blogging!! Even if you DON’T have anything new, or profound to impart to the rest of us – you write well, and it seems that often times (for me, at least) – your blogs provide the timely, regular inspiration and encouragement that I need to go on!!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Wendy and Barbie!
    I have to give the props to my Sister, Laura for this post! She is the better half of this SImply Sister team. 😉 hugs!

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