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On Mission Together / Passion.


I have been a person of passion my whole life, I have always felt things strongly. Thankfulness, sadness, joy, anticipation, worry, injustice, hurt. Every feeling feels like something is about to burst within me. Think back to the movie Inside Out for a moment, I resonate with it because that is truly how I feel. My emotions have personalities that claw to get to the surface. Often what you see of the adult me is a very muted version of how strongly I truly feel on the inside. I have learned and am learning how to channel my passion and use my strong feelings for good.

Passion is described as an “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction”. People can get very passionate about passions! Passion, as an emotion, can be fickle or untrustworthy as it ebbs and flows. Passion can be a uniting or dividing force depending on if we are passionate about the same or opposing things. Passion can also be an excuse, “Oh, I am not passionate about that…” Meaning, I don’t have to do anything or care about (fill in the blank) because it isn’t my passion.

I look around and see a lot of comparing passions. Feelings of guilt because some of us aren’t as passionate about certain things as others of us. We write people off as overly passionate or as having a great lack in passion scoffing at their dramatization or apathy. In all our scoffing, judging, misunderstanding, comparing and ignoring I believe we are allowing the enemy to use passion to divide us and I also believe that instead of being divided our passion can be the greatest uniting force.

What if I told you that if you call yourself a Christ follower, if you have been compelled and captured by the love displayed for you on the cross and the love you have for Christ, in return then you and I share the same passion. A passion for God.

When I think about my passion, I think about the driving force behind what I do. What is my life centered on? What is my greatest conviction? It is my love for God. This is what drives me. This is what centers my life, my greatest conviction is that everything in life is found in Jesus Christ. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

What if we all operated out of the truth that God is our passion: our sole focus, conviction, devotion and ardent affection? Then passion wouldn’t be something that divides us but something that unites us, a solid unifying driving force.

In 1 Corinthians we are called the Body of Christ. Maybe you have heard this passage since you were a child. What is an arm without an eye? Feet without knees? Every part is important, needed, necessary and Christ is the head of the church, or the body and it is because of his sacrifice on the cross that we exist as individuals or together. I believe in the body of Christ, even with our many flaws and failures. I believe that we truly are better together and I also believe that our enemy doesn’t want us to be united as one following hard after our unified passion – Creator God.

Today, I challenge you to look at passion differently. Instead of thinking of passion as something you may or may not have as much or little of as others think of it as something we all have in common, a common passion for our God. This is what drives us, this is what unites us this is what makes us the body of Christ.

Join me on Wednesdays in January as we explore the idea of being on Mission together. What does this look like? How can we be united and confident as we play our different roles? Let’s explore together the ideas of passion, calling and work, how they unite us and how we can further the mission of the gospel, together.

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