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Read John 15 There is so much to do in a day. So many choices we have to make about how to spend our time, there is no way we can do everything that clamors at us. Life can be overwhelming. I used to think everything could be balanced. Balance is a subliminal message fromContinue Reading


Read John 14 I have four girls. Sometimes I look at them all lined up and I am surprised. Four. Girls. This means there is a lot of sweetness, sparkles, glitter, clicking of high heels, dress up dresses, love and wailing. When my girls have pain, everyone knows about it on our street. 99% ofContinue Reading

Pictures of Grace.

Read John 13 My second born, Olivia, does everything with passion. When she is angry, you know it. When she is happy, you know it. When she feels love, you definitely know it. She doesn’t do anything halfway but gives %150 all the time. Sometimes when I look at Olivia I wonder if Iam lookingContinue Reading

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