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Distribution of Wealth.

Social justice is a hot button topic right now. I found a definition that I liked on Wikapedia. I know, not the most trusted source (you know you frequent Wikapedia, admit it.) “Social justice is¬†a concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society. This is measured by the explicit and tacit termsContinue Reading

Last Minute Store to Buy Fair Trade Products!

Hey! Welcome to Somebody Always Pays Mondays! Why the name Somebody always pays? Because when I first started to articulate what I was learning about purchasing fair trade I was having a hard time explaining my WHY. Why pay more money? Why go through the hassle? Is fair trade REAL? The way it finally clicked forContinue Reading

How Can We Live Out Justice?

              How can we live out justice? This is a question that reverberates in the echoes of my heart and mind. What does living out justice look like? How can we as communities live it out in our day to day lives? Justice feels like a big word. MaybeContinue Reading