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Purchase Fair this Christmas.

You can make a difference this Holiday Season as you shop. If you are like me and you still have shopping to fit in before Christmas, check out these stores below they are unique in one, some, or all of these ways. The things you can buy have been made by people who have beenContinue Reading

Stripped Away.

This morning I was reminded about what really matters when everything else is stripped away. What are we really living for when the bare bones are left. When the spotlights aren’t shining, the sound system stops working, the chairs are half empty the children outnumber the adults, the screen has a typo and the graphicsContinue Reading

When Mother’s Day Isn’t What You Dreamed It Would Be.

This Mother’s Day isn’t what I dreamed it would be.  You too?  It might be because your own mom is absent by choice or death. Or maybe your relationship with your mom is rocky and you feel the hole that is left. Today your arms or womb may be empty and the grief of havingContinue Reading

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