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Dear Weary One,

For the broken, worn and tired. For those who walk through their days thinking their true selves invisible to others.

Does the ache in your inner depths cry out as your days pass one by one? Does the sun shine and do you resent its brightness, wishing instead for night so you can rest in the darkness?

“How are you?” People ask.

Tired. The reply slips through drawn up lips, a smile that your eyes can’t get behind. Exhausted in the depths of your inner self. That is how you are. Exhaustion that you don’t think a million sleep filled nights could fix. Soul weariness. 

The journey of life has been hard and you are beat up. The weather of circumstances has pummeled you and you are unsure how you get up each morning to face a new day. “What’s wrong” those who know you best ask and your voice is taken captive your eyes locked. What’s wrong? All things seem wrong. Loneliness haunts, loss aches and tears prick your eyes. If you speak they will spill. Here comes the smile again, the one you pull out to avoid the deep questions. It’s not that you wouldn’t tell the person who would take the time to listen for the tear- stained answers.

Dear Weary One, you are not alone in your pain. You are not forgotten and the melancholy that engulfs you will not last forever. My dear Weary One you can grieve and cry and lift one foot in front of the other because joy is on the other side of sorrow and fruit on the other side of arduous work. My sweet Weary One this season will end and the cries of your wounded misunderstood soul are not lost in the vastness of silence but held in the quiet recesses of an understanding and compassionate heart.

Your hurt is seen.

Your work is valued.

You are purposed.

This too will be a beautiful part of your story.

Your grief is meant to be felt.

Your tears can fall so as to be wiped away.

Your broken heart exposed so it can be bound up.

Oh my Weary One, you can sit in the sunshine and let the tears fall. It is ok to be sad. To know the Master Artist is painting a beautiful picture that is your life. To soak up the light and acknowledge the dark. To embrace both the sweet good things and the pain ridden broken ones and all of those in-between.

Lovely Weary One put down your phone, shut out the noise, go for a walk, read a book, hug someone closer. Close your eyes and let sleep engulf you. If life has left you stripped and bare, raw and bleeding; weary. Stop striving, hiding and comparing and go to the still place of the Compassionate One who holds your heart. Only here will true rest be found for the emptiness of your soul. Stop scrolling and searching and allow the ache to be felt and surrendered to the one who holds the paintbrush of the masterpiece that is you.

True beauty comes from weary lives surrendered to the Master Artist.

Dear Loved One, it is OK to experience and let go of your weariness.

“The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” Zephaniah 3:17


2 thoughts on “Dear Weary One,”

  1. Yes! You’re words have captured the essence of my souls longing over this past year. I’ve found comfort, encouragement, and strength through your words. Thank you dear friend for your exposed heart, expressive words, and the ability to shine Jesus in the darkest night. You’re loved. ?

  2. Your words are a gift from God! So needed for my weary soul today. Love you! Thanks for sharing your heart and God’s heart!

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