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Fair Trade Toothpaste Feature // Dr. Brite

Heeyy!!! Welcome to Somebody Always Pays MONDAYS!

What better way to start out the week then with a featured fair trade item, amiright??

This week’s Somebody Always Pays Mondays item is a surprise new favorite that I found at this secret place to purchase fair trade products from last weeks’ Somebody Always Pays Mondays. I grabbed it because I was going on a trip without my family and when you leave your family you can’t take their toothpaste, yes? Maybe you don’t have a communal toothpaste but purchase your own, but in my family I buy one toothpaste (normally) and we all use it until it is gone. Usually I buy Tom’s toothpaste and get it shipped to me conveniently through Grove Collaborative but I am seriously making this new toothpaste a regular purchase.

I don’t know about you, but over the last 7 years I have not only been on a justice journey, but also on a journey to find better products for my family. The problem with natural products is that you are never quite sure if they actually WORK. Which considering my extremely sensitive teeth issue, is a must. I need a good toothpaste. Also, whitening is a plus because my coffee addiction is a real thing (please don’t offer help, it is an addiction I am comfortable indulging in).

Along came Dr. Brite’s whitening toothpaste with activated charcoal. I am LOVING this toothpaste! It has a great taste, makes my teeth feel clean and I have noticed whitening benefits (Plus, plus and PLUS!). We ran out of our Tom’s toothpaste and I hadn’t received more yet ( this happens to the best of us moms, yes?) and so my 5 year old was using the Dr. Brite’s tube that I had. I asked her what she thought and she gave me a big toothy smiled and approved it by saying, “It tastes extra minty Mom!”. She loved it and friends, getting this 5 year olds approval means something.

A few more reasons why Dr. Brite’s is so appealing (in case the afore mentioned ones aren’t quite enough).

They are Women Owned. What does that mean? It means that :

“Around the world, women-owned businesses supply a wide variety of products sold in retail stores everywhere. The Women Owned initiative allows consumers to identify those items made by women-owned companies while shopping.”

Pretty great, right? You can read more about the Women Owned Initiative here and here.

They are also a Certified B Corp. I talked about this a little last week, so here is more info.

“The ‘B’ stands for benefit, which represents a new kind of business that applies their power and resources for public good. This designation is similar to a Fair Trade or LEED certification and indicates that we are committed to making a difference while meeting comprehensive, higher standards of corporate social responsibility, environmental performance, accountability and transparency.”

Pretty much they are a “do good” company. Who doesn’t want to support businesses who are committed to doing good for the world with their profits!? Count me IN!

And they GIVE BACK. Dr. Brite is committed to giving 5% of their revenue each year back to the community. You can read more about it here.

So, the question you are all I asking, I know, is : Is Dr. Brite fair trade? They do not have the official fair trade label, no. BUT the women owned label + organic label + the B Corp + their give back program + there commitment to the environment all = they are doing a lot of really hard work to be caring about the WORTH of humans through their business and that is shopping we can ALL feel good about!

So head on over to Dr. Brite. Check out how to earn Brite Points, read all about their products and the good they are doing in the world and give them a try! Once you do, or if you have let me know what you think! Do YOU have a favorite do good, natural toothpaste? Please share with me. Always on the hunt for great products that are making a difference in the world.

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Love, Steph <3 

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