Pursuing Justice

Justice for All.

I was young, 22 maybe. We had gone to husbands home in Canada because his grandpa has passed away. On our way back we were detained. Chris had to go in the special room with a customs officer. I was bold, naive and feisty. There was no way I was leaving that border without my husband at my side. I am American. That is my husband, father of my baby and we were all going home – together.

What we didn’t realize was that the paperwork we had filed for Chris to become a green card carrier, the paperwork that allowed him to be in the States while it was being processed, it had been rejected while we were in Canada. In between the time we had mailed in the paper work and check all the processing fees had doubled and our check wasn’t big enough.

Back to us at the border. The border guard took Chris and I aside. He came close, looked sternly in our eyes and unwavering told me that if Chris wasn’t my husband, then he wouldn’t be letting him come home with me. I said thank you, but inside I was justified. I had a right, as an American, to have my husband. In retrospect, the border guard was gracious to a young family, to me a young, entitled American.

I am so entitled to my rights. I think it is engrained in us that we have a right to have rights and to be right. This isn’t normal. There are countless numbers of people whose basic human rights of dignity, food, shelter, clothing, purpose, respect are being denied them. All around the world, and here in the Western world as well.

We don’t always get what we have a right to and many times even the systems that are meant to maintain justice promote unjust acts.

Liberty and Justice for all.

That is what this country that I call my own, for better or for worse was founded on. This is why my Savior died. Because Justice is worth fighting for. Yet what I really have a right to is death for the list of wrongs I have committed in life. In his mercy and grace he did not give me what I deserved. His justice called for someone to take my place, his son Jesus filled the space that should have been mine.

So what do i have to offer to the world? Grace, mercy and justice. A crazy mix of fighting for what is right, loving when there are wrongs, forgiving as I was forgiven, seeing people, respecting their stories, and doing my part in seeing basic human rights given to those who are with out. This is what the pursuit of justice is all about.

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