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Last Minute Store to Buy Fair Trade Products!

Hey! Welcome to Somebody Always Pays Mondays! Why the name Somebody always pays? Because when I first started to articulate what I was learning about purchasing fair trade I was having a hard time explaining my WHY. Why pay more money? Why go through the hassle? Is fair trade REAL?

The way it finally clicked for me was that when I get a deal – somebody else pays for it.

Let me explain it this way. When I get a free meal because of a gift card, it really wasn’t free. Whoever gave me the gift card PAID for it. Same if I receive a complimentary chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A, the store eats the cost of my sandwich. Any time I use a coupon, someone pays for the difference. Someone isn’t making as much of a profit.

When it comes to fashion – clothes, jewelry, accessories as well as things like furniture, electronics, household items, when we get these things on the cheap someone is paying when we aren’t. I can tell you who that someone isn’t, it isn’t the corporation or company that is distributing the product. It is the worker(s) on the other end of the supply line. They are paying, often with their lives (I know that sounds dramatic, it isn’t – it is simply true). Working much longer than 8 hours a day in working conditions that are unhealthy and dangerous while getting paid next to nothing.

BUT we have the power to initiate change. When high fructose corn syrup became the enemy the whole food industry responded by putting “no high fructose corn syrup” on all our food items. The consumer dollars speak.  What we purchase or don’t purchase tells companies that we care about the humans on the other end of our products and we want to know about – and are willing to pay for – fair labor practices all over the world.

Enter Somebody Always Pays Mondays. As I have been on the journey of learning how I can live out justice, I have learned that buying fair trade isn’t as hard as I initially thought. So, I am sharing what I know with you every Monday and am expecting you to share back because living out justice is a journey and we can all help each other as we walk it out.

I invite you to join me. Let’s tackle the hard questions about living out justice and buying fair trade products, together.

You can find the first Somebody Always Pays content on Facebook, Instagram OR you can get the WHOLE uncut, kids included, extra info version right in your inbox when you sign up to receive my FREE online fair trade shopping guide.

Living out justice isn’t a lost cause and buying fair trade isn’t exclusive to multi – millionaires. We can do it and when we do it together then we get to initiate change. 

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