My Broken Heart.

I met a knew friend on Friday morning. I was running late and she was waiting for me with her iced Starbucks drink. The place was packed. I sat down across from her and it didn’t take long before we shared our hearts. They beat together: for justice.

I wish you could meet my new friend. Her name is Angie and she is a mama like me, like many of you. Her husband and her felt called to do something about children being sold for sex, 18 month olds being sold for sex over and over again. So they took their own four babies and followed Jesus to Thailand. They are a part of SWAT an organization that comes alongside those that are doing the hard work of rescue and rehabilitation. Destiny Rescue. Exodus Road. Love146. SWAT trains in infiltration tactics and defense for when brothels are raided. SWAT trains girls how to defend themselves should they be captured again to be sold.

Angie is here in Minnesota right now, she had tears in her eyes as she told me that 5 weeks is a long time to be away from her boys. That she is missing her son’s birthday. But they need to funds. A family of 5 living off of 1,500 a month. 25 people at $100 a month she tells me, that is the need.

Friends, my heart breaks. A family that gave up everything comfortable and known, who left family, to follow the call to stand in the gap for the oppressed, for the child, all they need is 25 people at $100 a month.

Will you search your heart? Will you get on your knees? We can do something to fight against the injustice of sexual slavery against children. it is a lie from Satan that you don’t have a part to play in this. If joining Angie’s family is your part, click here

Together we can make a difference. 

Meet Angie at one of these events below, or have her to speak at your church, small group or home dinner party. She is in town until the first week of April. Message me with questions. 

Comedy For a Cause (Angie is looking for business sponsors)




Taste of Thai Ladies Night 

Meet Angie.

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