Longing for Heaven

Longing. We have all felt it. Missing, aching, yearning, striving. The feeling of wanting something to bring satisfaction, warmth, comfort, pleasure. Emptiness. The moment you achieve what you longed for and still have the gnawing on the inside of your chest. The realization that you can’t wait for the next rush, climax, success, affirmation, attention.Continue Reading

Making a Home a House.

When we move into a house, duplex, fourplex, apartment, camper, RV we begin setting up our things. Making it ours. Our style of furniture, our pictures, our colors. The things that make the new living space a home. A place that reflects us. A place we belong. Then when it is time and there isContinue Reading

Preparing For Christmas - A 25 Day Devotional for Families during the Month of December.

Grab Preparing For Christmas as we head into the Holiday Season. Be ready to use this time to focus on the true meaning and impact of Christmas with your family.

I wrote Preparing for Christmas because I wanted something I could do with my family that would turn our hearts towards what Christmas really means for us. Every year we go through Preparing for Christmas and we would love to have your family join us. Love, Steph

Order your copy today.

What is home? 

Things hanging on the walls, thousands of square feet, a fenced in backyard? Or is it more than that; a sense of belonging, safety and warmth.

Maybe home isn’t something we come to but something we bring with us. Join me as we explore the idea of home while looking at the life of Abraham in a 6 part blog series through November.

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