Waiting for the Warmth.

Today the sun is shining but the wind is still a little cold. We are waiting for spring at our house. Eden Grace, the 3 year old, keeps reminding us that it is spring so it shouldn’t be so cold. The wind whipping our hair and assaulting our noses speaks differently. The sunshine and theContinue Reading

Experiencing Christmas Abundance in times of Lack

I have been thinking a lot about the early church and the first believers in Jesus as Messiah. Acts 2 has long been a chapter that has inspired me as I think about the church today and how I desire ministry to look in my own life. But this Christmas my thoughts have gone backContinue Reading

As we enter the Holiday Season.

I love holidays and I happen to especially love Thanksgiving. Yet I think we have an epidemic of setting ourselves up for holidays of perfection and because perfection doesn’t exist our holidays can often end in disappointment. Today I think of the family that doesn’t feel complete, the one who is missing someone who isContinue Reading

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