Join me throughout the month of July in a 21 day study of the book of John.

It is in the pages of John that we meet Jesus, his heart for the people he came to save and his mission on earth. It is this example that propels us forward to live a life following him by faith.

When you join Grace upon Grace you will receive a short daily email, video encouragement and have access to a longer blog post as you study John chapter by chapter. Interact via my Facebook Community as you intentionally study and prayerfully reflect on what the Holy Spirit has to teach. Excited to see you there!

Love, Steph

A Sign.

Read John 12 So often I hear of people looking for miracles. We desire to see the supernatural amidst the ordinary. Even beyond miracles we see people exploring the mystical and magical. I believe this is the living out of Ecclesiastes 3 where it says that “God has set eternity in the hearts of man”Continue Reading

Jesus is God.

Read John 11 Jesus time to lay his life down and fulfill his purpose here on earth is getting closer and so are his statements about who he is. The things he is choosing to do now are all directly related to revealing himself as one with his Father, God. He is consistently pointing towardContinue Reading


I get the sheep analogy when it comes to humans. We all are either following each other around or wandering off getting ourselves into trouble. I often look at situations and think, why and then I think, sheep. Path of least resistance, go with the crowd, don’t make a fuss. Our human mentality is thatContinue Reading

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