Steph is the author of two books on Amazon. It Started with a Blog and Preparing for Christmas. You can get both books in either paperback or kindle formats.

It Started with a Blog began as 30 blog posts about what God had taught Steph through her daily experiences. These posts have been rewritten and revised to make up this 30 day devotional book. Starting a blog was an act of faith, where God has taken these simple lessons to touch the lives of others is a testimony to his power and plan for his children. As you go through It Started with a Blog you too will be challenged to live a life of faith for the glory of God.


Preparing for Christmas is 25 daily devotionals for families focusing on the true meaning and impact of Christmas.
Included in this Family Devotional are daily activities and ornaments to color that coincide with each day.

See Steph’s Books on Amazon.


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