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Stop Complaining About Each Other.

Read: James 5:7-11

God’s Word is so timely and relevant. James 5:7-11 is exactly what I needed and is very practical for a church that stop complainingis divided over so many issues big and small in our world today. We must not be alone in our many opinions because I can almost hear the pleading in James voice when I read verse 9 of chapter 5.

” Brothers and Sisters, stop complaining about each other, or you will be condemned. Realize that the judge is standing at the door. ”

There has been a lot of disagreement among Christians lately and whether warranted or unwarranted emotions have been high and words sharp as they fly from all sides over the airwaves of the internet. This verse puts a peace in my heart. So practical. So direct. “Stop it.” Stop complaining about each other. And can I just point out the obvious? James clearly is writing to believers. He has been this whole time, but here he says it so that you and I his readers won’t miss it – Brothers and sisters.

Here is the deal. We are going to disagree because we are human and we each have a unique outlook and unique story. So how do we do it? How do we rise above when we feel so strongly? We check our emotions with our Savior, rely on His Spirit and the unique Raise Jesus from the Dead power and we love. We decide to assume the best of people and leave the rest to God. Because you and I , however much we would like to be, are not the judge and when we act like it, James let’s us know what is in store for us. We condemn ourselves.

I don’t know about you but when things get emotional and hurtful and things happen that are big and overwhelming especially among my family, the church, the body of Christ I ache for the return of Jesus. So these words from James are timely. He is coming. Be patient. Don’t give up hope.

And what about you who are suffering? Endure and you are blessed. Because our Lord, He is merciful and compassionate.


1. Have you allowed your emotions to take the reigns instead of checking them with Jesus? Will you confess that to God and ask for His Holy Spirit love and power to fill you?

2. Do you have hurt from others? Are you giving it to Jesus and accepting his healing or are you holding on and allowing it to take root and grow up bitterness? Surrender it today and allow God to use it for good in your life.

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