Ephesians Simply Study Study

Today in Christ.

Read: Ephesians 1:1-2

Paul is writing a letter of encouragement to “the holy and faithful who are united with Christ in Ephesus”. He starts out medium_5166269396with the greeting, ” Good will and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ are yours!”

I couldn’t get past those two verses this morning! Here is the encouragement for us; when we are united with Christ because we believe him and accept what he did on the cross we are set apart, holy. As we daily follow him by faith by the power of his Holy Spirit we are the faithful. And not only is this letter to the ancient church in Ephesus it is also a part of God’s great love letter to you and to me. What are ours today? Good will and peace. From who? God our Father and Jesus.

These are your promises. You are set apart. Faithful. Granted good will and peace. From the only Source that satisfies, our great God and Savior.


1.How will this perspective change your day today?

2. In what ways can you use these verses to encourage those you encounter? So many are searching for peace, will you share with them the peace you have in Christ?

3.If you aren’t experiencing peace today, will you seek the presence of the Jesus and surrender?

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