Truth = Freedom

Read John 8.

With every passing day I value authenticity more. My mom has often told me that what I think is written all over my face. Since I don’t live with a mirror in front of me, I have (sometimes begrudgingly) taken her word for it. Now I have daughters who all have varying degrees of me in them. One of them especially wears all her emotions on her sleeve, or face. It has never been more real to me that what I think shows, at least I have learned to keep my mouth shut – for the most part.

Even though at times my face has the ability to reveal more of what is going on inside my head then I would like to let on, I would still prefer to know people’s real thoughts and feelings, not the mask that is so expertly applied to cover us up. I believe there is beauty and community in authenticity. It is in authenticity that we learn from each other. It is in authenticity that judgements and walls are broken down. In authenticity we see that we are all not so different from one another and we have more things connecting our lives than we ever knew.

Definition of authentic

  1. 2 :  not false or imitation: real, actual an authentic cockney accent
  2. 3 :  true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character is sincere and authentic with no pretensions

To be authentic is to be real and true. Jesus came to bring grace and truth as we have seen earlier in John. Today let’s look at how the truth of Jesus brings freedom. Jesus’ truth is different than our truth or our authenticity. Jesus is the only truly true one, because he is truth and perfectly so. No one else can make the perfect claim like Jesus did so he is truly true.

In John 8 we see truth first in the women caught in adultery being brought before Jesus. Jesus knew the truth of her situation, and he knew the truth of everyone else’s. For the women, truth brought her freedom. Not only did truth about her accusers bring her freedom from physical death but truth about her situation in the hands of Jesus brought her an opportunity at eternal freedom as Jesus, left alone, gave her grace and instruction.

“‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ She said, ‘No one Lord’ And Jesus said, ‘Neither do I condemn you, go, and sin no more.’” verses 10 & 11

Truth about who we are and our situation can be trusted in the hands of Jesus who came to bring us freedom, light and life by revealing and releasing us from the bondage of our sin.

In the next part of John 8 we see Jesus reveal the truth about sin.

“I told you that you would die in your sins, for unless you would believe that I am he you will die in your sins.”

I think we have a gut reaction to hide our sin, to try and clean up the mess we have made ourselves. Like the little boy I once babysat who missed the toilet when he was going number two and in trying to clean it up smeared poop all over the bathroom – bathtub, sink, toilet, floor. That is us trying to clean up our own sin. We need the truth of who we are along with the truth of what we need coupled with the truth of who Jesus is and what he has done for us on the cross to live in light, life and freedom.

The religious leaders were not living in this truth. Not the truth about their sin, not the truth about their need for a Savior and freedom and most definitely not the truth about the identity of Jesus and the plan of God the Father.

Jesus makes it really clear that he and the Father are inseparable from each other. Stating that he has come of his own accord but sent by the Father and that unbelief in him means dying in sin. The final truth we are looking at here is the truth that Jesus and God are one and along with the Holy Spirit they are a package deal. You can’t get to God apart from Jesus, Jesus reveals the Father and has created a way for us to get back to a right relationship with him.

The opposite of truth is lies and in verses 43-47 we see that if you don’t believe in Christ and the one who sent him, your father is the devil and he is murderer, does not stand for truth, there is no truth in him, a liar and father of lies.

Today let’s allow truth to reign in our hearts, minds and situations. We can trust Jesus as he is perfectly true. Let’s let him into our sin, he knows the truth about our situations, our feeble attempts to hide it don’t work with him. The pride of the pharisees hardened their hearts against seeing who Jesus is and knowing him, his light and freedom. Let’s not be like them. Let’s allow truth to be revealed in us so that we can accept forgiveness, freedom and grace upon grace.


  • What unconfessed sin do you need to allow God’s truth to come in and shine a light on today?
  • Will you allow Christ to clean up the messes you have been trying to clean yourself?
  • Where have you been believing lies? Will you call them out and allow Jesus truth to bring healing to your heart?

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About Stephanie Page
Steph is a mom to four girls and wife to one very supportive man. She is the Executive Director of Stories Foundation and is passionate about fighting for freedom both spiritual and physical. Her days consist of car pooling, ministry, parenting and lots of coffee.

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