When Mother’s Day Isn’t What You Dreamed It Would Be.

This Mother’s Day isn’t what I dreamed it would be. 


You too? 

It might be because your own mom is absent by choice or death.

Or maybe your relationship with your mom is rocky and you feel the hole that is left.

Today your arms or womb may be empty and the grief of having life given and taken or not given at all is raw.

As we celebrate moms and all that they are and mean and do I want to give a shout out to the moms who are unseen and the pain that is hidden.

There is a mom who loves and herds second graders daily stepping in when parents are absent. Her smile is big and her laugh is loud and her love is great even though her own home is empty of small beds for little bodies. She is a Mother. 

There is another mom who holds sweet babies and bends low to look in the eyes of toddlers. Her eyes are bright and her voice soft and her heart large. She has known loss and aches for her own but this doesn’t stop the loves she pours out every day on the children of others. She is a Mother.

There is a Mother who’s babies have moved far away and grown up and they haven’t had babies of their own yet or if they have the visits are few and far between. But she gives suckers to the kids in her neighborhood. She teaches Sunday School and passes on the legacy and love of a life lived fully. She is a Mother. 

There is a mama who has tried and tried and cried and cried and ached and ached for a baby and no one knows and she gets a puppy because Jesus knows she has to mother something. She is a Mother.

There is a Mom who waits at the church for her small group of Jr. High students and goes out to coffee and ice cream and plans sleep overs and parties and prays for and encourages through one of life’s most emotional seasons. She is a Mother. 

There is a mother who thinks she can’t mother another second. Her kids are in her hair and when they aren’t the messes they leave would rival any tornado. She cries in the shower and even that is cut short when the little fingers peel back the curtain. She is a Mother. 

There is the mother who teaches and cooks and rocks while sweetly singing lullabies. She doesn’t hold back herself or her love and gives freely of her time and energy to nurture and care for the little ones growing who aren’t hers but a friend’s or a sister’s. She is a Mother.

I could go on. Insert your own story or the stories of the many women who have nurtured and lavished love and contributed to who you are and your life. Maybe Mother’s Day isn’t what you dreamed it would be this year or any year. But as woman we have all been born with this innate ability to mother. Today, will you allow your dream to be expanded and your eyes opened to all the mothers in your life? This Mother’s Day will you look them in the eye or look in the mirror and say thank you for mothering?

Mothers are often forgotten in the everyday. But they teach and care for and love and give beyond themselves in a million different ways whether someone calls them mother or not. So, will you honor a Mother? 


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  2. Judy Bjorklund says:

    Great blog Steph!! Blessings to you as you continue to be God’s mouth, hands, and feet!!!!

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